MoMEC volunteers prepared for the Invisible Theatre performance

The MoMEC volunteers received a detailed training about the Stand For Her Land campaign and the work of the Yes Men company. MoMEC volnteers were selected to take part in the project of the Bertha Fellow, Dr.Monica Mhoja, with the aim of educating society about the Stand For Her Land campaign and women’s land rights in Tanzania.

The Yes Men company informed the concept of invisible theatre to the MoMEC volunteers. In their first meeting, MoMEC volunteers agreed that topic of the performance would be widows’ land rights, and after surveying locations for the performance, it was agreed that a market in Kitunda ward, Ilala district would be the location.

MoMEC volunteers held meetings and rehearsals in preparation for the Invisible theatre performance which was scheduled to take place in April 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the rehearsal and performance have been postponed until it is safe again to have gatherings.

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