MoMEC Productions creates a documentary

MoMEC Production ocumented the life of unsung hero the late Rev Canon Elias Magoke who was a generous person and supported men, women, girls and boys in difficult situations. He supported orphans to pay for their education, he donated his land for building a school and hospital in Kahunda Sengerema, among other things.

The documentary is a compilation of tales from the people that knew him, the people he influenced, his family, the people he supported. It also shows the impact that he had in the areas that he lived. Also included in the documentary are songs from the Usukuma Utamaduni Christian Choir Shinyanga.

The documentary was launched in Shinyanga, which is where he spent most of his adult life. The launch was attended by the many people that knew him and whose lives he touched. The documentary is available for purchase and the proceeds of the purchase will support the work of MoMEC.

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