Filming begins again

Shooting has begun for our next project; a short drama focusing on the complex issue of child widows. This latest production is a joint project with our partners at the Paralegal Aid Centre Shinyanga (PACESHI) whose drama group are showcasing their talents as the stars of the short film.

The story, based on true events, highlights the plights of child marriage, and in particular, aims to bring the issue of the rights of child widows with respect to land and shelter to the fore. Currently, child widows have no legal rights to their husband’s family-land upon his death. Inevitably, child wives and their children are forced to leave their home, wandering without shelter and relying upon financially strained family members for help, contributing to a perpetual cycle of poverty. The drama, originally written by PACESHI, was edited by Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja to include true narratives from child widows based on her research. The drama is regularly performed by PACESHI across rural areas of Shinyanga as a means of opening a dialogue with and educating communities about the associated legal issues experienced by child wives and where they can find legal aid.

After the success of ‘CHOZI LA BINTI KIBENA’, we are excited to be working with Director Dennis Sweya once again. Under the keen eyes of Dennis, camera man Kevin Ishengoma and lighting engineer Nazareth Kalile, the PACESHI drama group members are being put through their paces as they are introduced to the complexities of camera angles, lighting aspects and location shoots. And wow, they have they rose to the challenge! Locations have been selected across Shinyanga, using the predominantly rural landscape as the back drop to this story. As Shinyanga has the highest rate of child marriage in Tanzania (59% of girls are married before their 18th birthday), shooting here with a drama group in Shinyanga is all the more poignant.

Are you keen to get involved with our projects? Do you have a flare for acting or film production? We always welcome fresh talent and volunteers. Read more on our ‘Get Involved’ page, or contact us directly for more information.

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