Movie Launch at Dar; what a Success!

Many thanks to all MoMEC and Paralegal Centre Shinyanga (PACESHI) members for a fantastic launch of ‘Chozi La Binti Kibena‘ in Mlimani City, Dar es Salaam today!

With a large turnout, we successfully raised the profile of MoMEC’s and PACESHI’s fight against child marriage! MoMEC’s founder and director, Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja gave a rousing speech highlighting the current plight of child marriage in Tanzania and set forth MoMEC’s vision of helping end forced child marriage through art based educational movies and documentaries. Supporting Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja’s overview of the harmful practice of forced child marriage, attendees heard heart-breaking, first-hand accounts of the destructive consequences of this tradition by two girl wives. Jenny and Anna (not their real names) were forced to marry men some 20 years their senior when they were just 13 years of age. The girls recounted their harrowing stories of abuse, their pregnancies and the hardships they endured when they tried to leave their husbands (to read full accounts of their stories, click here). Speaking out, Jenny and Anna (now 14 and 15 years old) represent the thousands of Tanzanian girl wives without a voice. Suffice to say, Jenny and Anna’s stories [unfortunately common amongst child wives] had many people, men and women alike in tears, dumbfounded about how children could be exposed to such torturous experiences. Thankfully, Jenny and Anna were rescued from their harmful situations, and have been supported by MoMEC in partnership with Agape Aids Control Programme (AACP) in Shinyanga to return to school.

Visibly struck by the girls stories, our Guest of Honour, the Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba spoke passionately of the government’s pledge to continue to work with all civil society campaigns against child marriage within Tanzania. She commended MOMEC’s efforts to create awareness against child marriage through such an innovative movie.

The launch also consisted of clips from our movie, songs performed by our activists and generous pledges from attendees towards MoMEC’s cause. Some of the profits raised from ticket and DVD sales at the event will be used to support child wives and child widows neglected, abused and in need to get back into education at the Agape Knowledge Open School in Shinyanga where MoMEC currently sponsors girl victims of child marriage.

We would like to thank all attendees for their support towards MoMEC and PACESHI in helping stop these human rights violations towards girls.



Some of the cast of Chozi La Binti Kibena

Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja & the Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba unveiling 'Chozia La Binti Kibena'

Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja & the Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Hon Sophia Simba launching Chozia La Binti Kibena

MoMEC team members

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