Dar Es Salaam Launch preparations

We at MOMEC are proud to launch our latest movie, ‘CHOZI LA BINTI KIBENA’ (Tears of Kibena’s daughter) on 25th July at 11:00am in the Century Cinemax Milimani City.

The story revolves around Kibena’s daughter, Tunu. After Tunu’s parents divorce, her father re-marries an abusive woman. When Tunu’s father travels, Tunu is left with her abusive step-mother who constantly harasses and humiliates her. Tunu’s teacher Chamoto, desperate to help resolve the situation, fails in his endeavors. Isolated and victimized, Tunu is forced to run away from home and from school, and is forced into marriage. ‘CHOZI LA BINTI KIBENA’ is a voice calling upon society, communities, families and individuals both men and women to stop child/forced marriage.

The story, written by Amani Masuka and Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja, is fictional in nature however includes some narrations based on true events researched by Dr Monica Magoke-Mhoja. MOMEC, founded by Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja, is a community group composed of artists who strive to educate society on gender based violence, legal and human rights issues. This year, MOMEC’s focus is child/ forced marriage and its consequences. MOMEC are passionate about communicating the story of Kibena’s daughter due to the core message we aim to deliver. We at MOMEC are committed to saving children from this harmful tradition.

Final preparations are underway for the launch, which is being organized in partnership with Paralegal Center Shinyanga (PACESHI); an NGO working to create awareness on legal and human rights issues in Shinyanga and Shimiyu regions.

The launch will consist of clips from the movie, songs performed by our activists, and short speeches from members, celebrities and our Guest of Honor. The programme will also include testimonies from two child wives (supported by MOMEC) who have been supported to return to school through the Agape Aids Contro Programme (AACP) in Shinyanga.

The tickets for the launch are being sold by MoMEC members across Dar es Salaam. DVDs of ‘CHOZI LA BINTI KIBENA’ will be available to buy at the venue for Tshs 6,000. Some of the profits raised from ticket and DVD sales will be used to support child wives and child widow’s neglected, abused and in need to go back to school in Shinyanga region at the Agape Aids Control Programme School.

Please join us for what will be an informative and enlightening event.



MoMEC members making plans for upcoming Launch

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