Our Vision

We envisage a society which respects human rights and where gender based violence is unacceptable.

Who we are


Dr. Monica Mhoja Edutainment Centre (MoMEC) is a volunteer run, NGO-social enterprise composed of artists and activists who strive to educate society on gender based violence, legal and human rights issues through arts. MoMEC’s aim is to create and show educational movies in schools, households and communities to stimulate conversation and change perspectives about these issues.


MoMEC was the vision of Dr. Magoke-Mhoja, a lawyer and human rights activist, who holds a PhD in Human Rights Law from the University of Edinburgh.​ Dr. Magoke-Mhoja has spent her career campaigning for the rights of African women and girls in Eastern Africa, especially in Tanzania, and in the UK. In 2006, Dr. Magoke-Mhoja established the Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) as a direct result of her PhD findings on the fight against and impact of child marriage. After identifying the unique role that art can play in educating and empowering communities on human rights issues, Dr. Magoke-Mhoja set up MoMEC in 2014. 


MoMEC’s current focus is on child/ forced marriage and its consequences. According to the 2010 Demographic Health Survey, 37% of women in Tanzania between the ages of 20-24 were married before reaching the age of 18. Our organization is committed to saving children from this harmful tradition by giving them a voice.


MoMEC has focused its support on victims of child marriage in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania due to its high rates of child marriage (59% of girls are married before their 18th birthday). MoMEC has partnered with Paralegal Aid Centre Shinyanga (PACESHI) and Agape Aids Control Programme (AACP) in the Shinyanga region to collaboratively fight against gender based violence. PACESHI and AACP have extensive experience identifying and helping victims of gender based violence, offering them legal aid services and educating communities on human rights violations. PACESHI and Agape use public movie sessions, live drama, role playing and training workshops to educate parents, teachers and village elders on the wrongs of forced child marriage. In parallel with community education strategies, Agape also supports the reintroduction of rescued child brides into formal primary, secondary and vocational education, including through their own established secondary school, the Agape Open Knowledge School. MoMEC directly supports the Agape educational programme and has committed to supporting the educational and living needs of victims of child marriage in the Agape school through moneys obtained from donations, fundraising events and sales of our educational movies. To learn more about our parnter, Agape and their educational programme for victims of child marriage, see our News feed. 


At MoMEC, we are focused on ensuring the sustainability of our organisation to ensure survivors of child marriage in the Agape school are supported for many years to come. In 2015, a partnership was established between MoMEC Centre and a section of MOMEC Productions Ltd (certificate incorporation No. 119002), whose corporate social responsibility policy is to provide MoMEC Centre with long-term financial support. MoMEC Productions Ltd funds, produces and disseminates all media content surrounding issues of human rights violations. Part of the profits made from MoMEC Productions Ltd are donated to the MoMEC Centre and used to support the education of rescued, divorced or neglected child wives and child widows.


To find out more about the harmful practice of child marriage and its personal impact, click here to read the stories of the rescued child brides that MoMEC supports in the Agape School.




Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja

Chairperson of the Board


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